some explorations at the edges of human comprehension

Science is seldom what it seems at first glance.
Up or down?
Second glances can show things we've missed.
To explore this edge
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What is the direction of the acceleration of the bouncing ball at the bottom, at the instant the velocity changes from down to up? 
Peek a bit beyond the edge of easy human comprehension
up or down?
Are you colorblind? 
(What kind of bird-brain question is that?)
Explore the world of human colorblindness...and beyond
see like a bird
What is "rational"?
What is "pseudoscience"?
What is "real" science?
Explore the outer limits of human knowledge
there's more than meets the eye!
Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly not see something?
Even though it's obvious.
Very obvious!
Or if . . . . just perhaps . . . . you were not "seeing"?
Explore the edges of perception of the abstract
post-modern and ivory-towered
Error detection
Revealing the rational
Extending perceptions
Useable concepts
Explore the goofy world of little slips of the mind
starry, starry night
Explore the occult (hidden) domain of the Platinum Plover Egg
What's the opposite of "simple"?
Let us see.
Take that "second glance."
Second  Glances
Explore the simplest science
what's to see
Some puzzles can open doors into the unknown,
when you "see" their meaning.
Insight can empower!
Explore  the subtler puzzles
Certainty in a buzz saw...Seeing acceleration...Sorting relevance from irrele...

We are in a new age.
      age of science and high technology...
                                                                              ...and beyond.

Explore  the future...your future?...and the future of all the others.
An entertainment-based commodity
 Explore beyond the edge of available human experience
A bit beyond the edge of possibility if you use one of most of the available maps:
Explore the hills and trails of SW Portland, Oregon
you can't get there from here
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Expand the possibilities of community.                        

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