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"Art excites and consumes me.  Pattern, texture, and vibrant, bold color are the focus of my work.  The bright colors and moving patterns in my work are an extension of myself, a manifestation of my life experience.  I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, including jewelry, ceramics, and acrylics."

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My jewelry is truly one of a kind.  Many pieces incorporate my hand-painted ceramics.  Some necklaces are fully reversible with different color schemes on each side.  I also make hand-woven sterling silver chains, ceramic beads,  pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and a special silver "lace" bracelet of my own design. 


My acrylics are usually textured with vibrant, bold color.  They are an extension of my life experience.  I paint what I feel.  I like to shift my style to fit my mood.  Some recent themes in my work have been scenes of children, landscapes of Hawaii, and my conversion to Judaism.

Show Schedule:

I am taking a hiatus from doing shows. I will continue to show my work by appointment at my home studio in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of Seattle.  Please call 206-524-7104 or email for an appointment.

Other creative pursuits:

Music: I am part of a classical guitar duo.  You can hear our music at  You can also hear our music on You Tube - search "evelyn arvey".

Writing: I have had several short stories published and I have two novels submitted to literary agents.  My writing website is under construction.


Home Page     Resume     Jewelry     Acrylic Paintings

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